Key project outputs such as deliverables, publications, reports and open access data will be added once they become available. This page will be updated regularly, so make sure to check back for new available resources.

Deliverable Reports

D1.1 Report on process with accession criteria for the establishment of an inclusive network of European initiatives and organisations

D1.8 Report 2 on actions accomplished for synergies and links under Tasks 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

Please note that Deliverables under Work Package 1 pertaining to ongoing project management are confidential and are for the consortium only.

D3.1 A readily accessible Inventory of Mission relevant CS initiatives in Europe to build awareness and provide on-line support for the community of practice

D3.2 A synthesis report containing bespoke legacy training resources to support Citizen Action

D3.3 A co-created portfolio of mission-relevant pilot activities to support evaluation of project tools and methods

D3.4 A typology/toolbox with guidelines for including stakeholders/citizens, guidance on methods for monitoring and assessing participation levels and incorporating a strategy to roll out a European wide network of CA

D4.1 Report on INITIAL VERSION of Mission ontology and semantic network and guidance for use

D4.2 Report including the High potential KERs relevant for the Mission

D4.3 Report on FINAL Mission ontology / semantic network and guidance for use

D4.4 Report describing Mission Ecosystem DB and dedicated user interfaces for Mission end-users

D4.5 Knowledge Transfer online showcasing module

D4.6 Report on Mission dashboard concept and findings for tracking of Mission progress

D5.1 Critical assessment and key recommendations for Inter-regional financing

D5.2 Business model blueprints and de-risking recommendations

D5.3 Roadmap to success for future LH projects Solutions to better address regulatory barriers and create enablers

D5.4 Vision of how to fund scale up solutions beyond 2025

D5.5 Business interaction models for mission scale-up

D6.1 Stakeholder engagement guidelines, including toolkit 

D6.2 Stakeholder engagement recommendations for future key Mission R&I core activities 

D6.3 Report on the findings of the stakeholder assembly’s engagement pilots

D6.4 A help desk log and analysis of support
benefits and learning outcomes

D6.5 Legacy document with a set of recommendations related to capacity/skills for the Mission community

D6.6 Report on the results of stakeholder involvement, helpdesk accession, communication results, etc.

Other Results