The Mission

The Mission - PREP4BLUE

Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ is one of the five European missions, working towards a greener, healthier, more inclusive, and resilient continent and globe. The Missions are a novelty of Horizon Europe aspiring to provide solutions to the world’s greatest challenges, through new forms of research, innovation, governance and collaboration, as well as by engaging citizens. The Missions have ambitious goals and will deliver tangible results by 2030.

Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ aims in the next decade to restore the health of one of our most precious common goods: our ocean and waters by 2030 as a major contributor to the European Green Deal, the Ocean Decade and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Mission Ocean, seas and water aims at restoring the health of our ocean and waters by 2030, as a major contributor to the European Green Deal and the Sustainable Development Goals. Research and innovation will be a key component of the Mission, which will link initiatives across disciplines, mobilise policymakers, stakeholders and citizens, and leverage public and private investments.

This Mission objective has three specific and measurable goals: to protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, to prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters and to make the Blue Economy sustainable, carbon neutral and circular.

Mission Lighthouses

The Mission Lighthouses  come as a response to a number of obstacles and challenges in major European sea and river basins. To tackle these challenges, four basins have been selected and identified: Atlantic-Arctic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic-North Sea, and Danube-Black Sea.

Each basin aims to address at least one of the objectives as part of Mission Ocean and Waters, and these will be pursued through Lighthouses.

The Lighthouses are hubs and platforms supporting the development and deployment of transformative innovative solutions in all forms – technological, social, business, governance -, ensuring fast progress towards the achievement of Mission objectives and important impact on society in the river and sea basins through science and technology.

Each lighthouse pilots the development, demonstration, and deployment of Mission activities across EU sea and river basins. They integrate existing knowledge outputs and new knowledge, co-designed and co-implemented with citizens and stakeholders, ensuring local business participation and citizen engagement and outreach. The lighthouses will thus provide access to the solutions, services and advice developed not only in their basin, but also to all interested actors from other basins and areas, so that the developed solutions can eventually be scaled up and replicated across the Union.

For the first phase of the Mission, each Lighthouse will focus on a specific objective, which will later be applied across all the basins. Through a Horizon Europe call, four Coordination and Support Action’s (CSAs) have been selected to start the implementation of each Lighthouse.

Join the Mission Charter

The Charter of the EU Mission “Restore our Ocean and Waters 2030” calls for joining efforts to achieve the three objectives of the Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030 to:

  1. Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity, in line with the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030

  2. Prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters, in line with the EU Action Plan Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil

  3. Make the sustainable blue economy carbon-neutral and circular, in line with the proposed European Climate Law and the holistic vision enshrined in the Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy

To reach these objectives the Mission is also putting in place two enablers:

  • Digital Ocean and Water Knowledge System
  • Public mobilisation and engagement

This Charter is non-binding and open to any public or private interested parties. You can contribute by pledging actions to co-design, propose and implement policies, programmes, projects or initiatives that will contribute to the restoration of our ocean and waters.