The Mission Charter

Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ is all about protecting and restoring the health of our marine and freshwater ecosystems by 2030. We will achieve this through research, innovation, citizen engagement and blue investment. Pledging an action to the Mission Charter is one way for you and your organisation to show support and get involved in a joint European effort to protect our ocean and waters.

Pledging an action to the Mission Charter is the vital first step that we as European citizens, researchers, investors, businesses, and public authorities must make if we are to mobilise resources and take collective action in support of the Mission’s objectives.

Pledges to the Mission Charter can take many forms, whether your pledge supports R&I goals, offers access to knowledge or data, upscales and deploys novel solutions, provides education, or engages citizens to protect our aquatic ecosystems – all actions are welcome!

How to make a pledge


Pledges can come from all types of stakeholders including public or private organisations, national/regional/local authorities (including cities and ports), philanthropists and investors, enterprises and businesses, civil society, research and academia.

The Mission wants to hear from you!

To help you make your pledge we have put together a useful guide full of hints and tips. You can download the guide here.

Looking for inspiration for your pledge? You can check out the actions submitted by PREP4BLUE coordinator IFREMER, the European Marine Board and many others here.

Remember, when asked how you heard about the Mission Charter, tell the Commission it was us: Select ‘other’ on the pledge form and mention PREP4BLUE!


To help you make your pledge and share the Mission Charter with others, we have put together a collection of PREP4BLUE Mission Resources for you to use. This includes guidance on making your pledgeslides decks on the types of actions and benefits of pledging for you to share with your networks, and badges that you can add to your profile pictures and logos.

Amplify your efforts! Help us promote the Mission Charter!

PREP4BLUE is working to promote the Charter and support stakeholders in submitting actions. You can help with this too: 

  1. Share resources from the project website
  2. Encourage your networks to pledge
  3. Ask contacts to mention ‘PREP4BLUE’ when pledging
  4. Add the ‘I pledged’ cover photo or badge to your social media accounts or organisation’s logo (see resources above)