Planning for Citizen Participation in Mission Ocean & Waters

Recordings from the PREP4BLUE Webinar Series on ‘Planning for Citizen Participation in Mission Ocean & Waters’ are now available!

The webinar series is aimed primarily at anyone applying for Mission Ocean funding under Horizon Europe. It will also be of interest to current Mission-funded projects, as well as those working on citizen engagement in marine and freshwater-related activities across the NGO, industry, research, community, citizen science groups, and local government sectors. The sessions took place as follows: 

Webinar 1: Increasing citizen participation in Mission Ocean projects

Webinar 2: Increasing Social Inclusion Through Mission Ocean Projects

Webinar 3: Citizen Science to Support Mission Ocean Project Activities

Webinar 4: Community Based Social Marketing for Mission Ocean

Webinar 5: Working with The European Solidarity Corps for Restoration Initiatives

Webinar 6: Citizens’ assemblies and deliberative processes for Mission Ocean

Webinar 7: Fostering Marine Citizenship for Mission Ocean

Webinar 8: Positioning Fishers as Core Partners for Mission Ocean Projects

Webinar 9: Engaging Children and Young People in Mission Ocean