Mission Lighthouse CSAs

Lighthouse CSA (1)

As part of Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’, four Mission lighthouses have been established at basin scale in the Mediterranean Sea, the Baltic and North Sea, the Danube river basin and Black Sea and the Atlantic-Arctic basin.

The four Mission  lighthouses will act as hubs that will develop, demonstrate and deploy new solutions far and wide across the world. Building on existing governance structures, the lighthouses will bring together relevant Member States, the European Commission and other partners, through a political implementation charter. In the charters, the partners commit to cooperating and aligning resources to achieve the Mission objectives.

To support the implementation and coordination of each lighthouse, four Communication Support Actions have been funded by the Commission under Horizon Europe. Each one is linked to a specific lighthouse. PREP4BLUE works closely with these projects, driving collaboration and working together to achieve the Mission objectives. Find out more about each of these projects below:

Mediterranean Sea lighthouse

BlueMissionMed – Find out more here

Baltic and North Sea lighthouse

BlueMissionBanos – Find out more here

Danube river basin and Black Sea lighthouse

EcoDaLLi – Find out more here

Atlantic-Arctic basin lighthouse

BlueMissionAA – Find out more here