Mission Ocean and Waters Digital Academy

Our Vision

The vision of the Mission Ocean and Waters Digital Academy is to develop an accessible and scalable digital skills academy for Mission Ocean partners and stakeholders, to extend the reach of the Mission’s message, and to upskill project teams on best practice social media and digital communications.

Can I Join?

If you have signed the Mission Ocean and Waters Charter or are a partner in an EU-funded project to implement the Mission, you are welcome to register below. Please note, that the Digital Academy is only accessible after you have been granted log-in details by the administrator.

What do we offer?

The Digital Academy was created by PREP4BLUE to help our communications partners grow their digital media skills and capabilities. It is exclusive to official Mission Ocean CSAs, officially funded projects, and those who have endorsed the Charter. Our goal with the Digital Academy is to further upskill and enable Mission partners in their capacity to share and promote their own Mission Ocean stories. Within the Digital Academy, you’ll find: prerecorded training videos/tutorials, example content, templates, checklists, audit tools, strategy, and more. The Digital Academy platform includes a desktop and mobile Learning Management System which can help you:

  • Communicate your committed actions across digital channels

  • Develop a social media campaign

  • Upskill your team

  • Amplify the work of Mission Ocean and partners

How do I register?

The Digital Academy is restricted to those who have endorsed the Mission Ocean and Waters Charter or are officially funded project partners.

  • If you are eligible for access to this site and want to request your log-in credentials, email joanne@digitaltraining.ie with “Request log-in access to Digital Academy” in the subject line.

  • If you would like to learn about and/or endorse the Charter, visit the European Commission website for more information.