Mission Ocean and Waters Website

Developed by PREP4BLUE, The Mission Ocean and Waters website provides an immersive experience for users who wish to explore the EU Mission Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030. You will be introduced to the Mission goals and lighthouses, as well as the diverse community of individuals and groups working to restore Europe’s ocean and waters.

From the homepage, as you scroll down from the explore button, you will be introduced to the three Mission goals, namely to reduce pollution, increase protection, and promote sustainable economic practices.

This is followed by a page inviting you to press the start button to explore the Mission. You will move through a visual representation of the Mission, featuring the four “Lighthouses”. The Mission Lighthouses each symbolize a specific European sea or river basin (Atlantic-Arctic, Baltic-North Sea, Danube-Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea) and serve as centers for piloting, demonstrating, developing, and deploying Mission activities.

As you explore each Mission Lighthouse, you will discover stories from a community of people at European, national and local levels. All are actively involved in projects and initiatives that contribute to the Mission’s goals. Their stories are designed to inspire you and encourage your participation in the mission through science, innovation, and societal actions aimed at restoring, protecting, and sustainably using our oceans and waters.