Mission Updates

The EU Blue Parks Helpdesk is here!

The EU Blue Parks Helpdesk is a service for the members of the EU Blue Parks Community of Practice.

It is accessible for question submission from EU BPC members. 

About the helpdesk 

Via the EU BPC helpdesk, a scientific/thematic expert team will provide answers to the questions submitted.  

The helpdesk initially will focus on providing scientific advice on the following topics:  

  • Improvement of the management of existing and effective management planning for the new marine protected areas 
  • Creation and design of representativeness and connectedness between marine protected areas  
  • Territorial knowledge and monitoring support for marine protected areas 
  • Setting of effective social engagement processes between communities of user, planners, and other sectoral actors in marine protected areas while building participatory support for new ones  
  • Information on financing opportunities to support biodiversity conservation in  marine protected areas  

The questions submitted will be answered in a short manner by project experts, to the extent possible directing author of the question to relevant key publications from international literature and to ongoing EU projects and networks working on the concrete topic. 

Please submit your question: 



Please include the following information when submitting a question to the helpdesk:

  • Contact details (name, email) 
  • Organization  
  • Topic of assistance (see list above or “other”)

To save time, and provide quick guidance on the most popular topics, the helpdesk will also provide a list with frequently asked questions. The FAQ list will be updated on quarterly basis.