Mission Updates

Guide on financing the green energy transition of fisheries and aquaculture

Are you working in the fishing or aquaculture industry and looking for support to make your green transition? Good news! The European Commission has released a complete and easy to access guide, giving you a full rundown of the financial opportunities that are available to you.

Organisations and businesses in the fishing and aquaculture sectors are under pressure to phase out their dependence on fossil fuels. By doing so, they will not only make a valuable contribution to the overarching objectives of the European Green Deal, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, but they will also be making positive changes that will enhance the sectors’ financial viability and resilience.

The new ‘Guide on Financing opportunities for the Green Energy Transition of Fisheries and Aquaculture’ helps users understand the diverse funding opportunities that are available to them. It caters to a wide range of businesses and organisations, including small and large-sized enterprises, public administrations, research institutions, and civil society organizations seeking EU funding for their energy transition projects. It covers a spectrum of areas of support, including innovations for vessels, improvements in energy-efficient gear and equipment, and energy management enhancements for aquaculture. It also covers industry-related infrastructure transformations that can help reduce carbon emissions, as well as training and capacity-building that can help ensure a fair and competitive transition.

The guide is set out in a way that makes it straightforward for users to determine what they are eligible for and how to apply. As a handy reference, it also features an A-Z of each funding programme, including information on context, scope, overarching objectives and outlines of how each fund can be used for financing the green transition.  

Download the guide and get the full picture on the funding opportunities that are available to your organisation.