Mission Updates

Technical assistance for communities of actors to support Mission objectives


The objective of the technical assistance is to support selected applicants in developing and strengthening their actions contributing to one or more of the targets of the Mission Ocean and Waters. By participating in this call for technical assistance, selected projects will gain access to technical assessments and feasibility studies. 

The technical assistance shall match the needs, capacity, and interests of applicants, providing tailored expert support for applicants’ projects on key dimensions such as regulatory, technical, economic, operational, environmental, and commercial feasibility. 

The feasibility studies will provide an assessment of the overall viability of projects, defining risks, opportunities, and probability of success and analysing whether the planned projects are legally, technically, financially, economically, operationally, environmentally, and commercially justifiable and feasible. The studies shall also provide recommendations on how to improve the feasibility of selected actions.

Through the technical assistance, selected beneficiaries will gain a clearer understanding of the project feasibility and/or requirements to scale up and further develop the project. 


Detailed information on eligible applicants can be found in the Call for Expression of Interest downloadable below. 

The Call for Expression of Interest seeks to collect applications from relevant communities of actors, who wish to contribute to the objectives of the Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’ in one of the EU Mission lighthouses basins. 

Applicants must be from one of the three target communities: ports, fisheries, islands. 

Actions must be located within the Mission lighthouses basins (Mediterranean, Atlantic, Arctic, Danube, and North & Baltic Sea). 


No financial support will be offered under this technical assistance support.


The typical duration of the technical assistance delivery is between 4-6 months, commencing after the notification of selection. 

Please see the Call for Expression of Interest document that can be downloaded below for further details.

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