Project Update

PREP4BLUE Survey on Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies

One of the objectives of PREP4BLUE is to support the creation of an enabling ecosystem, from a regulatory and economic perspective, that will allow for private and public investments in initiatives that promote a low-carbon and circular blue economy in line with the Mission’s objectives.

Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), which prioritise areas for investment in a region, are valuable tools in the hands of national and regional authorities. It allows them to strategically direct investment to regions which have a competitive advantage in particular areas. To collect insights from stakeholders on how to foster an enabling environment for the implementation of the Mission Ocean, especially from a regulatory and economic perspective, PREP4BLUE is inviting you to take part in a survey. 

It is hoped that the results will contribute key learnings on the role played by the regions in the Mission and will nurture the analysis conducted in PREP4BLUE Work Package 5, led by S.Pro, to provide key recommendations on how to make the best use of various funding mechanisms, including the Interregional Innovation Investment (I3) Instrument financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to support the Mission and future demonstration projects.

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