PREP4BLUE Helpdesk

PREP4BLUE is delighted to announce the launch of the new ‘PREP4BLUE Helpdesk. Developed by PREP4BLUE partners from CETMAR (Spain), the helpdesk aims to provide Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’ stakeholders with access to PREP4BLUE’s extensive repository of communication resources and tools.

The Helpdesk comprises a library of useful PREP4BLUE-developed resources that will support stakeholders with the communication and dissemination of their Mission funded projects. This includes, the PREP4BLUE Toolbox for Citizen Engagement, Mission Ocean Social Media Toolkit and Citizen Science Glossary amongst many others.

Furthermore, there is a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section to address commonly asked questions, and provide insights and clarity on a range of project-related topics. Any unanswered questions around the implementation of Mission projects can be posed to a dedicated panel of PREP4BLUE experts by using the Contact Form or by emailing

PREP4BLUE partners are delighted to present this Helpdesk. Over the course of the project we will work to enhance and improve this platform. The Helpdesk is free to use, so feel free to begin asking questions today.