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1st Mission Arena in Sweden | BlueMissionBANOS takes place in Gothenburg

Blue Mission BANOS’ 1st Mission Arena took place from the 14-16 November 2023 in Gothenburg (Sweden).

The aim of the 1st Mission Arena was to inspire, engage and support a wide range of stakeholders across the Baltic and North Sea in making the Blue Economy carbon-neutral and circular by 2030. The 1st Mission Arena focused on the local and regional communities of Germany (Baltic | Schleswig-Holstein), Denmark (East) and Sweden (South).

The two-day event featured a range of different activities to address the main themes of blue food, bioresources, biotechnology; low-trophic aquaculture and products; ocean and coastal plans in the region; multi-use solutions; renewable energy and citizen engagement.

Opening Panels steered by BlueMissionBANOS coordinator Angela Schulz-Zehden. Photo Credit Anna Edlund

The opening and closing panels were steered by BlueMissionBANOS coordinator Angela Schulz-Zehden (Submariner Network) providing a consistent framework for the arena. Within this framework of the arena, the three days were packed with panels, workshops, pitching sessions, showcasing and stands, as well as plenty of opportunities for networking and connecting with stakeholders of the Baltic and North Sea – all activities aimed at finding solutions for a carbon free circular economy, which is the Mission Objective in this Lighthouse Area.

All PREP4BLUE (P4B) Partners were kindly invited to the Arena through direct collaboration between the CSAs, especially through the Submariner Network.

Mission Arena 1 also served as the Pilot Stakeholder Assembly for the Mission (Task 6.3), specifically through the voting on blue priorities for the region held during the final plenary, whose results constituted the 1 Mission Arena Roadmap (https://bluemissionbanos.eu/1st-mission-arena-after-event-materials/). Technical Work Packages (WP) of PREP4BLUE were well represented.

BlueMissionBANOS1 - Wavelinks
Raquel Costa at the Stand and Launch of WaveLinks. Photo Credit Anna Edlund
BlueMissionBANOS1 - Caecilia
Caecilia Manago as Speaker at the BlueMissionBanos Arena. Photo Credit Anna Edlund

Raquel Costa (SDU) – P4B WP4 – represented the PREP4BLUE ‘Mission Ecosystem Database’ and celebrated the launch of WaveLinks (wavelinks.eu) with a stand for it. Caecilia Manago (ERINN) – P4B WP4 – presented the PREP4BLUE Knowledge Management Methodology (WP4) in the session ‘From research solutions to disruptive innovation – tools and gaps’. This session focused on how to ensure that research solutions become disruptive innovation that is actually used. It was discussed how to facilitate research uptake in the market and public realm, at the stage before a solution is sold or a start-up established. Gaps between a “research project” and a “start-up” were identified and addressed from a research funder perspective, a venture capital perspective and a research performing perspective..


Alberto and Frode as Speaker at the BlueMissionBanos Arena. Photo Credit Anna Edlund

Jochen Theis, Dennis van Liempd (SDU), Frode Frode Dal  Fjeldavli (JPIO), Matthias Sandra (VLIZ) and Alberto Terenzi (s.Pro) – P4B WP5 – organised a dedicated workshop on Business Models and approaches to support the sustainable blue economy. The workshop presented the findings of PREP4BLUE and other projects in terms of proposing novel business models and funding approaches to support the bioeconomy, also looking at transferrable examples from other sectors. Stakeholders were invited to share their experience, voice their needs, and comment on the interim research conducted by SDU. A summary of the session’s findings is available here

Susana Bastón as Speaker at the BlueMissionBanos Arena. Photo Credit Anna Edlund

Susana Bastón (CETMAR) – P4B WP6 – was a speaker in the session ‘How to close the gender-gap in the blue economy’. Data regarding the role, contributions and opportunities for Women in the Blue Economy is still often unavailable for many regions and sectors across the EU. This workshop discussed the ways this data will start being gathered across the BANOS region, with active collaboration from the audience through discussing the needs for mainstreaming appropriate legislation and policy initiatives to ensure a gender-equal Blue Economy.

For further insights into results of the Arena, please find all resources at this link

This was the Blue Mission BANOS’ 1st Mission Arena since the project kick off meeting, which was held in Brussels in September 2022. It was a great opportunity for partners to connect and discuss the next steps for the project.

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