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Mapping EU Projects to the Mission Ocean Objectives and Next Steps

PREP4BLUE aims at preparing the Mission Ocean for a successful start. To achieve this goal, PREP4BLUE needs to identify high potential solutions, ensure citizen participation and guarantee stakeholder engagement. Led by SDU RIO, task 4.2 aims at building the tools to support the accomplishment of these needs. The tools will provide mappings and insights on European and international fundings, stakeholders, research and innovation activities and initiatives that are relevant to the Mission Ocean. The tools will also allow the efficient exchange of expertise and best practices, and the exploration of synergies and complementarities, creating a potential model to track and visualise the mission progress.

SDU RIO has already started to support partners in WP4 to find innovative solutions and engage with the knowledge owners, by doing a first selection of projects relevant to the Mission Ocean. Using a machine-driven approach we analyzed Horizon 2020 projects and highlighted more than 1500 projects matching at least one of the three Mission Ocean objectives.

SDU RIO is now building the mission ocean ecosystem database which will allow continuous updates with new activities and actors relevant to the Mission. SDU RIO is also building the web platform where PREP4BLUE partners will be able to visualise and explore the database in a user-friendly way.

We are looking for datasets of initiatives, projects and/or stakeholders acting within the marine and freshwater fields. If you have a dataset or list and would like to share it with us in order to contribute to the Mission Ocean and give those projects and actors a higher chance to bring impact to our oceans and waters, feel free to contact Maéva Vignes from SDU RIO at