Join the EU Blue Parks Community!

The EU Blue Parks Community, as part of the Blue Parks Initiative, welcomes participation from national and regional marine and environmental agencies, researchers in marine conservation, sea basin organisations, NGOs, international bodies, and donors and sustainable investors. 

This Community aims to contribute to the identification and overcoming of challenges, the sharing of tools and solutions, good practices, and the promotion of innovative approaches to push forward progress in marine protection and restoration in the EU sea-basins, while enhancing cooperation in order to protect 30% and strictly protect 10% of EU sea areas by 2030. 

The Community is geared to: 

  • Sharing knowledge on innovative approaches to marine protection and effective marine protection management. 
  • Supporting the expansion, interconnectivity, and strengthening of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the EU. 
  • Creating new opportunities for marine conservation and restoration. 

Why be a part of it? 

The Community will meet at biannual workshops to engage in a variety of themes, from identification and establishment of marine protected areas, increasing their interconnectivity, improving their effective management, governance and financing. The Community’s focus and activities are shaped by member inputs.  

The EU Blue Parks Community provides an opportunity to exchange knowledge, enhance governance, explore funding opportunities, and refine the management of marine protected areas. Members can bring their expertise and learn from others across EU sea basins, enhancing conservation efforts and effectively addressing common challenges. 

As of today, we are pleased to introduce our new helpdesk – a free service for the EU Blue Parks community, providing scientific advice on specific topics on marine protection.  

Learn more about how this special service can serve you here.

Join the EU Blue Parks Community today and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of EU marine protection.