JPI Oceans pledges three actions to the Mission Charter

JPI Oceans has submitted its first set of pledges to the Mission Charter. In so doing, JPI Oceans is showing its commitment to contribute to the objectives of Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’

The EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ aims to protect and restore the health of our ocean and waters through research and innovation, citizen engagement and blue investment. JPI Oceans is actively involved in supporting the Mission as a partner in PREP4BLUE, a Horizon Europe project, which aims to facilitate the successful first phase of the Mission. By pledging to the Mission’s Charter, JPI Oceans and its member states are showcasing their commitment to contributing resources and knowledge in support of the Mission objectives.

Pledging to the Mission Charter is one way for organisations to show their support for the Mission and take part in a joint European effort to protect our ocean and waters. JPI Ocean’s first set of pledges address ‘Cumulative Effects of Human Activities’, ‘Ecological Aspects of Microplastics’ and ‘Underwater Noise in the Marine Environment’. To capture the full spectrum of activities, the Mission encourages stakeholders to make multiple submissions to the Charter, and JPI Oceans is already planning to pledge further actions to the Mission. 

All actions pledged to the Mission Charter are welcome and should fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Research and innovation
  2. Evidence-based knowledge and data and/or access provision to knowledge and data
  3. Upscaling, deployment and replication of solutions
  4. Citizen engagement, citizens-science, youth-led initiatives, communities of practice, ocean and water literacy, outreach, awareness raising and participatory approaches
  5. Education and training

Under the ‘Evidence-based knowledge and data’ category, JPI Oceans’ first pledge on ‘Cumulative Effects of Human Activities’ is a Knowledge Hub for national experts from six JPI Oceans member countries. Together they will generate a report with guidelines and recommendations on how to assess cumulative effects of human activities on the marine environment.

Their second pledge on ‘Ecological Aspects of Microplastics’ is a commitment of €18.2 million euro, since 2014, from fifteen European countries and Brazil, which under the framework of the JPI Oceans Joint Action has financed 10 pan-European research projects. This falls under the ‘Research and Innovation’ category.

Their third pledge on ’Underwater Noise in the Marine Environment’ is on a joint call for proposals which resulted in five projects. These projects recently gathered in Brussels for a kick-off event on 14 February to present their project plans, identify common challenges and seek harmonization opportunities. This pledge will also contribute ‘Research and Innovation’ in support of Mission objectives.

The European Commission is calling on all stakeholders to adhere to the Mission Charter by submitting actions for achieving the Mission objectives. Pledges can be based on new or existing activities. The Charter is non-binding and open to any public or private interested parties wishing to pledge actions contributing to the Mission objectives.

For more information about the benefits of pledging and how to submit actions, please visit the PREP4BLUE website.