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1st Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership Symposium

The 1st Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership Symposium will take place on 13-14 February 2024 in the Royal Belgian Art Fine Museum, Brussels (Belgium). PREP4BLUE partners will attend to learn more about the work being done to support the objectives of the EU Mission: Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030.

The aim of the 1st Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership Symposium is to advocate for the transition towards a sustainable blue economy.  The vision of the Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership, a European partnership under the European Commission’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme Horizon Europe, is to design, steer and support a just and inclusive transition to a regenerative, resilient, and sustainable blue economy.

This symposium will serve as a platform for collaboration between researchers, policymakers, industry representatives, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to enhance the climate neutrality, resilience, and sustainability of the blue economy. The Symposium will also present the next priorities and opportunities for the Partnership, unveiling details about the second joint call for proposals.

Symposium topics will address:

  • The Partnership’s new Research and Innovation projects
  • Ocean observation in the Blue Economy
  • Innovative governance for the Blue Economy
  • An inclusive and just Sustainable Blue Economy
  • Visions for the Blue Economy
  • The role of culture in the Blue Economy

The conference programme is now available for this event. Further information is available here.