Mission Lighthouses

The Mission Lighthouses  come as a response to a number of obstacles and challenges in major European sea and river basins. To tackle these challenges, four basins have been selected and identified at the Atlantic-Arctic, Mediterranean Sea, Baltic-North Sea, and Danube-Black Sea basins.

The lighthouse sites were selected taking into account territorial coverage involving all Member States; coverage of the main elements of the water system, working with naturally coherent and continuous ecosystems and covering all three Mission objectives; and building on prior political commitments for basin-scale cooperation and existing capacities and networks. 

Each basin aims to address at least one of the objectives as part of Mission Ocean and Waters, and these will be pursued through Lighthouses.

What are Lighthouses?

The Lighthouses are hubs and platforms supporting the development and deployment of transformative innovative solutions in all forms – technological, social, business, governance -, ensuring fast progress towards the achievement of Mission objectives and important impact on society in the river and sea basins through science and technology.

Each lighthouse pilots the development, demonstration, and deployment of Mission activities across EU sea and river basins. They integrate existing knowledge outputs and new knowledge, co-designed and co-implemented with citizens and stakeholders, ensuring local business participation and citizen engagement and outreach. The lighthouses will thus provide access to the solutions, services and advice developed not only in their basin, but also to all interested actors from other basins and areas, so that the developed solutions can eventually be scaled up and replicated across the Union.

For the first phase of the Mission, each Lighthouse will focus on a specific objective, which will later be applied across all the basins. Through a Horizon Europe call, four Coordination and Support Action’s (CSAs) have been selected to start the implementation of each Lighthouse.

You can find further information about major regional initiatives at basin level here.