L’institut Français De Recherche Pour L’exploitation De La Mer (IFREMER)

With over 1500 employees, IFREMER conducts research, provides expertise and innovates to protect and restore the ocean, exploit its resources responsibly, share marine data and offer new services. IFREMER’s laboratories are located across twenty sites in the three major oceans: the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic and the Pacific. IFREMER operates the French Oceanographic Fleet for the benefit of the scientific community, designing state-of-the-art vessels and equipment to explore and observe the ocean.

In addition to coordinating the PREP4BLUE Project, IFREMER is the leader for Work Package 1 which focuses on Project Coordination, Synergies and Communication. Here they will be responsible for overall project management and for creating synergies with the Missions Core Network, the EC and the relevant contributors to the Mission.