Galway Atlantaquaria (GAA)

Located along the world-famous Salthill ‘Prom’ in Galway City, Galway Atlantaquaria is Ireland’s largest native species aquarium. As such, Galway Atlantaquaria seeks to present a comprehensive view of the world of water, through clear and interesting displays, informed and helpful staff, and exciting live presentations. Galway Atlantaquaria is an EAZA accredited aquarium and accurately displays aquatic life in a manner that reflects their natural habitats, providing an enjoyable and educational environment to for visitors of all ages.

In its capacity as current Secretariat of the Irish Ocean Literacy Network, Galway Atlantaquaria is involved in Work Package 3. This work package is focused on enabling stakeholders to empower citizen and community-led action in support of the Mission. Galway Atlantaquaria is involved in Task 3.4 which will engage networks at different levels of maturity, scale and geography, in order to create a “community of practice” and facilitate pilots for the methods and tools outlined on citizen engagement.